Message from the teacher

Hey y'all,
Before we start digging through 1 and 2 Peter, I want to look at some verses in Acts.  That's where Peter speaks to crowds of people all at once and it is the beginning of the gospel spreading throughout the world.
As usual, the lesson is both attached and shown to the right of the page.  See you Sunday. Please be on time!
Love to you all,
Jo Ann
FYI: The book of Acts was written by Luke (to Theophilus).  Luke was a physician (a Gentile), a worker/missionary and prisoner with Paul.  He was well educated.  Theophilus was either a Roman official or a person of high position and wealth, also Gentile.  He was probably Luke's patron (protector/benefactor).  Luke also wrote the gospel of Luke and addressed it to Theophilus, as well.